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All possible environment variable configurations for Testcontainers are found here.


Variable Example Description
DEBUG testcontainers* Enable all logs
DEBUG testcontainers Enable testcontainers logs
DEBUG testcontainers:containers Enable container logs
DEBUG testcontainers:compose Enable compose logs
DEBUG testcontainers:build Enable build logs
DEBUG testcontainers:pull Enable pull logs
DEBUG testcontainers:exec Enable container exec logs

Note that you can enable multiple loggers, e.g: DEBUG=testcontainers,testcontainers:exec.


Configuration of the Docker daemon:

Variable Example Description
DOCKER_HOST tcp://docker:2375 Set the URL of the docker daemon
DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY 1 Enable/disable TLS communication with the docker daemon
DOCKER_CERT_PATH /some/path Configures the path to the files used for TLS verification
DOCKER_CONFIG /some/path Configures the path to the config.json file for authentication
DOCKER_AUTH_CONFIG {"auths":{"":{"username":"","password":""}}} JSON string representation of the config.json file, takes precedence for authentication


Configuration of Testcontainers and its behaviours:

Variable Example Description
TESTCONTAINERS_HOST_OVERRIDE tcp://docker:2375 Docker's host on which ports are exposed
TESTCONTAINERS_DOCKER_SOCKET_OVERRIDE /var/run/docker.sock Path to Docker's socket used by ryuk
TESTCONTAINERS_RYUK_PRIVILEGED true Run ryuk as a privileged container
TESTCONTAINERS_RYUK_PORT 65515 Set ryuk host port (not recommended)
TESTCONTAINERS_SSHD_PORT 65515 Set SSHd host port (not recommended)
RYUK_CONTAINER_IMAGE testcontainers/ryuk:0.5.1 Custom image for ryuk
SSHD_CONTAINER_IMAGE testcontainers/sshd:1.1.0 Custom image for SSHd