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Couchbase Module

Couchbase is a distributed document database with a powerful search engine and in-built operational and analytical capabilities. It brings the power of NoSQL to the edge and provides fast, efficient bidirectional synchronization of data between the edge and the cloud.


npm install @testcontainers/couchbase --save-dev


const upsertAndGet = async (
  bucket: Bucket,
  key: string,
  value: Record<string, string>
): Promise<couchbase.GetResult> => {
  const coll = bucket.defaultCollection();
  await coll.upsert(key, value);

  return coll.get(key);
it("should connect and query using enterprise image", async () => {
  const bucketDefinition = new BucketDefinition("mybucket");
  const container = await new CouchbaseContainer(COUCHBASE_IMAGE_ENTERPRISE).withBucket(bucketDefinition);

  startedTestContainer = await container.start();

  cluster = new couchbase.Cluster(startedTestContainer.getConnectionString(), {
    username: startedTestContainer.getUsername(),
    password: startedTestContainer.getPassword(),

  const bucket = cluster.bucket(bucketDefinition.getName());
  const result = await upsertAndGet(bucket, "testdoc", { foo: "bar" });

  expect(result.content).toEqual({ foo: "bar" });